Love the environment around you? Passionate engineers everywhere are helping to keep it beautiful.

Let’s be real. Usually when we drink a glass of water, we take for granted that it’s clean. And whenever we see a beautiful part of the world, we don’t think about the people who fight for its preservation. A lot of people don’t realise that engineers all around the globe (and even in space) are dedicating their talent to keeping the environment incredible.

In different parts of the world, people and their environments face different challenges. Water can be polluted, or available only at certain times of the year, and climate change is presenting a whole new range of environmental problems. Building developments and the growing population are putting the environment at risk.

Chemical, environmental and civil engineers play a huge and very important role in finding solutions to these challenges. Whether it’s delivering clean water, keeping wildlife off freeways, reducing carbon emissions or developing alternative energy sources, engineers all around the world work hard to make the environment of the future as spectacular and healthy as it is today.

Meet the engineers who make our world a better place.

“Engineers play a huge and very important role in finding solutions to these environmental challenges”