Rebecca Watts Renewable Energy

Bringing clean energy to Cambodia

Ami Pasricha Electrical/Computer Systems Engineering

Never miss the train again!

Bel Teh Software Engineering

Brings your dream shoes to life

Lily David Mechanical Engineering

New ways to fight cancer

Hillary Wu Environmental Engineering

Bringing you clean water to drink

Avon Perera Mechanical Engineering

Walking with dinosaurs

Zahra Bagheri Mechanical Engineering

Nature-inspired smart machines

Leigh Johnson Biomedical Engineering

Looking into brain activity

Maria Kovaleva Electronics Engineering

Improving wireless technology

Kelsey Kennedy Biomedical Engineering

Bridging medicine and technology

Matt Brown Electrical Engineering

Gives the gift of hearing – and music

Kimberley Abbott Mechanical Engineering

Income and independence for women in India

Rebecca Dracup Sustainability Engineering

A future of ethical fashion

Catherine Gale Environmental Engineering

Protecting the planet

Lizzie Brown Environmental Engineering

A humanitarian on a mission

Huy Nguyen Biomedical Engineering

Design with disabilities in mind

Brad Lorge Computer/Software Engineering

Ensuring excess food reaches those who need it most

Yassmin Abdel-Magied Mechanical Engineering

Change-maker, Trail-blazer, Rev-head

Marita Cheng Computer/Software Engineering

From Robogals to Teleport

Veena Sahajwalla Materials

Recycling waste to produce “green” steel

Andrea Boyd Mechatronic Engineering

Talking with astronauts

Sam Paterson Mechanical Engineering

Dreaming and building cars of the future

Trina Majumdar Biomedical and Materials Science

Making better titanium hip replacements

Paige Brown Engineering/Criminology

Cyberspace Superhero Software

Larry Lu Electrical Engineering

Creator of the world’s thinnest lens

Amber Renae Civil Engineering

Building designer turned fashion designer

Leesa Blazley Energy Systems

Buildings that produce their own clean energy

Anita Pax Chemical Engineering

Engineering the perfect cheese

Monique Alfris Photovoltaic Engineering

Lighting up the lives of India’s urban poor

Anastasia Miros Biomedical & Electrical Engineering

Helping the deaf to hear

Darren Lomman Mechanical Engineering

Making adventure accessible

Xiaochen Zhang Software Engineering

Creative + Technical = Google