When you think of engineering, what kind of images come to mind? For most people, the answer will be hard hats and construction sites. It’s not surprising, then, that young people don’t realise engineering is so diverse, creative, and relevant to their lives – it's behind many of their favourite things.

With a mission to make engineering exciting and relevant to young women, and encourage them to keep studying STEM subjects, world-famous music duo NERVO has teamed up with a group of like-minded university partners. Together, they have created an innovative campaign, called Made By Me, that challenges stereotypes and shows that engineering is relevant to many aspects of our lives.

Made By Me is all about making the invisible visible, and doing so in an exciting way that will truly change how school leavers perceive engineering. The campaign reveals the hidden engineering behind everything in our day-to-day lives.

NERVO's video for their new song People Grinnin' is the gateway to the Made By Me campaign. Aside from being an exciting music video, the clip features a diverse range of objects from tech to skeletons and water, with the supporting microsite revealing the often invisible careers and the amazing people that make these things and more possible.

Made By Me aims to inspire young people about a future in STEM and show them the impact they can have in the world. Engineers are encouraged to post photos of their work to social media with the hashtag #MadeByMe, to show the amazing work they do.